I have been very very busy making many songs lately 6 in total there’s three new ones unposted yet on my social media pages although they have been released now for a little while a day or so.

So I’m going to be putting these newer songs in links below for you to be able to stream them.

As you can probably appreciate  making 6 songs has taken up most of my time lately, so I’ve been unable to post on any social media sites at length or as often as I”d normally do, so without further ado here are the links below to the 3 tracks not written about yet in my social pages.



80s meets with trance  in this track it’s a little bit of a Mish mash of varying styles, a hybrid as I call that.



an interesting take on the rave scene, layered together with drum n bass and Trance style beats with that old schoolunderground vibe 



This is one of my favourite songs so far that I’ve created, this is a sort of modern classical vs trance track. this is pure hybrid something very unique and singular.