– vertical social network for finance

What is is a vertical social network for finance that unites users and financial providers (such as publishers, coaches, experts, banks, insurers and brokers). The platform collects news, fact sheets, reviews, opinions, tips, and study materials to help people navigate the world of finance, as well as wisely choose investment projects and products. promotes the wisdom of the crowd and high-quality content so that users can better manage their personal finances. The platforms will also use profiled, targeted advertising for financial firms. A technical improvement based on the blockchain will quickly transform into a decentralized ecosystem.

What is GoorufCoin?

GoorufCoin (GUR) is a service token and the backbone of the digital economy in, which is used to encourage users and content providers to participate in and contribute to the platform, and also allows financial firms to market their products. Users will be able to redeem their tokens to gain access to premium educational materials and special offers or discounts.

Users will also have the opportunity to purchase and exchange GoorufCoins for fiat or cryptocurrency through internal and external exchanges. When users and financial content providers contribute valuable content to the platform — a detailed answer to another user’s questions, a helpful overview of a retail financial product, an insightful article — they will be rewarded in GoorufCoin.

Platform functionality

In, as in other social networks, users can customize their profile, write articles or simply share a link to a post, view statistics on questions, answers and comments, add interests on tags, establish links with other users and much another.


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