Monumental Pyramid in Fornite!!!! xurcrux (54) in dlive • 23 minutes ago Thumbnail With the release of the creative mode \”Fortnite playground\” me and the other guys over @Dlivestreamers decided to make the biggest pyramid possible in fortnite. It was absolutely monumental and took us just under an hour to construct. (I mad a time lapse for times\’ sake :P) Thanks @chigz14 and @slayerkm for the help. My video is at DLive PROMOTE dlive dlive-video game Fortnite gaming gamer steem vlog life follow dunite stream streamer funnymoments 23 minutes ago by xurcrux (54) $8.50 320 votes Reply 2 Sort Order: Trending [-] upmewhale (62) · 6 minutes ago You got a 8.04% upvote from @upmewhale courtesy of @xurcrux! Earn 100% earning payout by delegating SP to @upmewhale. Visit for details! $0.00Reply Comments were hidden due to low ratings. SHOW